Data management practices in Estonia

We have extended the survey time until October 10th, 2021. 


The purpose of this survey is to evaluate the best practices in use right now for managing the data in Estonia. The information gotten from this survey will help develop materials for researchers in Estonia to reference when dealing with data. This involves finding the data to use, writing data management plans, managing your data during the research project, and deciding what to do with the data at the end of the project. The compiled materials will include lectures, courses, workflows, recommendations, and lists of software/repositories to use. This survey is based on modified version of survey used in Lilian Neerut’s master’s thesis “Teadusandmete haldamise ja jagamise praktikad Tartu Ülikooli Loodus- ja Täppisteaduste ning Sotsiaalteaduste valdkonna teadlaste ja doktorantide seas” published in 2016. 

Filling out the survey takes approximately 30 minutes. 

None of the questions in this survey are mandatory, and you can withdraw at any time. All individual answers and comments will be treated in strict confidence and used solely for the purpose mentioned above. The whole survey is anonymized, no personal information is collected, and the responses will not be attributable to you or your organization. The study and the analysis process will follow the GDPR. The data is collected, analyzed, and managed by Heleri Inno (contact details down below). Fully anonymized survey results will be made public at the DataDOI repository around six months after the end of the survey at the latest. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey – your participation is crucial. The survey will remain open until at least 31 July 2021 10th of October 2021 (we have extended the survey time).

In case of questions, please contact Heleri Inno (e-mail, Data Manager for ELIXIR Estonia at the Institute of Computer Science, University of Tartu. 

There are 73 questions in this survey.